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Panoramic Photography Photography in Port Charlotte County

There are many types of Panoramic imagery but only two will be demonstrated within my web site. The first is for mural prints. The shooting for this photograph requires a specialized panoramic head which mounts a high end digital camera over the nodal point of a lens. A series of individual photos are taken as the camera rotates as much as 360°. After the shoot high end stitching software is used to mend the separate photos into a single image. The final image can result with a file over 15,000 pixels wide.

The second type of panoramic demonstrated is the 360° web navigation node. I use a special mirror lens that shoots a single shot complete 360° photograph or node. By shooting several of these nodes I can create navigation hot spots so web users can navigate around real estate, company grounds, a convention center, park, town or any other location needed to help portray certain area's attributes. The final player can have a single use or many multimedia features applied as the bottom example demonstrates.

Panoramic photograph
example of mural panoramic photograph


News Channel 13 Panama City FL

340 degree photograph of Panama City's News Channel 13. This pano was shoot with 11 vertical slices. Each slice required seven exposures in increments of one f-stop, fused than stitched to maintain all the tonal and color qualities in this environment. Some lines formed by the wiring in the ceiling required Photoshop touch up. (requires JAVA)

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example of an interactive panoramic with sound, stills, map and many other features

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